Florence Ringo is a recovering ignoramus. This blog is a collection of links, quotes, videos, and prose archived for education and reference.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Florence Ringo! I stumbled on your blog by searching the tag “colorism” and was led to your recent post on the Shadeism short documentary. I read a few other posts and couldn’t comment on everything, so I figured I’d leave my general impression here.

    I think your attention to race (the fact that you talk about it and HOW you talk about it) is refreshing, necessary, and smart. You offer real analysis, not just angry rants. Angry rants are cool too, but they don’t do as much to change minds or to educate. Sometimes we have to dig deeper and look below the surface of the issue. I saw this in the first post I read “In need of distinction?” which you posted in June 2010. (I know I’m late.)

    I hope you keep this up, and I hope for future dialogue.



    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment. This blog is as much for my own education as it is for sharing analysis and opinions with others. I have less time these days to produce my own work, but I will do my best to contribute to meaningful discussion when I can. In the meantime I hope to highlight essays and other works which have helped and continue to help me develop my critical thinking on the issues.

      Many thanks,


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